Why are there Protestants, anyway?

Catholic perspectives on the Reformation



Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral

Reno Catholic Network

Tudor dynastic politics and the English Reformation;

the Book of Common Prayer and the Roman Liturgy    

audio: mp3     handout: pdf

Panelists:  Fr Francisco, Joe McCoy, Sharon Jannuzzi (Feb 28 2014)


Christian Anthropology:  Justification, Sin and Grace

audio: mp3

Panelists: Gwen Linde and Jeremy McNeil (Mar 14 2014)


The German Reformation and the Medieval Synthesis

audio: mp3

Panelists: Larry and Sharon Jannuzzi and Joe McCoy (Mar 21 2014)


The Catholic Counter-Reformation

audio: mp3

Panelists: Fr Francisco and Gwen Linde (Mar 28 2014)