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Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral

Reno Catholic Network


Fr. Josef Jungmann's Study of the Roman Rite "Missarum Sollemnia"

- at this link, you can download the entire 1000 page document: "The Mass of the Roman Rite--it's origin and development."


Fr Francisco's Reflections on the Catholic Conscience in a Pluralistic Democracy


Bishop Calvo's letter on the recent mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services


Fr Francisco on contraception


How to contact public offiicals


Here is the pamphlet, Ordo Missae.  This is the Order of the Mass, with Latin side-by-side with the English of the new translation of the Roman Missal.  Only Eucharistic Prayer II is included.  It's a great study guide and aid at Mass!


Sacred Music: a superb introduction and more on the YouTube channel of Corpus Christi Watershed


Here is a new translation of Saint Thomas Aquinas' beautiful Eucharistic hymn, the Lauda Sion, by Stephen C. Cordova.