January - June 2017

Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral

Reno Catholic Network




Requiem Mass Homily, LTG Brandtner, 18 January 2017, Fr Paul

     The character and soul of a man

Walk for Life West Coast TLM Homily, Fr Francisco, 22 January 2017

     Stay centered on Christ

Sunday Mass Homily, 29 January 2017, Fr Paul (Matthew 5:1-12)

     Be the lone witness to the truth

Traditional Latin Mass Homily, 4 February 2017, Fr Paul

     Give testimony to Jesus

Sunday Mass Homily, 12 February 2017, Deacon Joe (Mattehw 5:17-37)

     We are no longer sophomores in the faith

Nuptial Mass Homily, 25 February 2017, Fr Paul

     With Christ in your marriage, everything becomes possible

Traditional Latin Mass Homily, 3 March 2017, Fr Paul

     What love does

Traditional Latin Mass Homily, 5 March 2017, Fr Francisco

     Rededicate ourselves to the Eucharist

Sunday Mass Homily, 26 March 2017, Fr Paul (John 9:1-41)

     Jesus can break through our blindness

Traditional Latin Mass Homily, 7 April 2017, Fr Paul

     Jesus' final word is life

Sunday Mass Homily, 9 April 2017, Fr Paul (Matthew 26:14-27:66)

     Not my will but your will be done

Easter Sunday Mass Homily, 16 April 2017, Fr Paul (Matthew 28:1-10)

     Do you believe in the resurrection?

Nuptial Mass (TLM) Homily, 28 April 2017, Fr Francisco

     The good news and the bad news

Sunday Mass Homily, 30 April 2017, Fr Paul (Luke 24:12-35)

     Jesus is with us

Traditional Latin Mass Homily, 5 May 2017, Fr Paul

     Follow the life of self-giving love

Sunday Mass Homily, 7 May 2017, Fr Paul (John 10:1-10)

     Life in abundance

Sunday Mass Homily, 14 May 2017, Deacon Joe (John 14:1-12)

     A living stone