4:28 Catholic Young Adults 

Reno Catholic Network




Violence and the Sacred, 19 September 2010, Fr Francisco

 Handout and references for Violence and the Sacred


Question and Answer, 24 October 2010, Fr Francisco


Purgatory, 21 November 2010, Fr Francisco


How Belief Works, 9 January 2011, Fr Francisco


Lenten Reflection, 6 March 2011, Fr Francisco


4:28 Lenten Retreat


     Saturday Mass Homily, 19 March 2011, Fr Francisco

     St Joseph: the model for Christian disciples


     Sunday (Vigil) Mass Homily, 19 March 2011, Fr Francisco

     The Transfiguration: a sign that everything is oriented to the    



      Conference I: Discipleship, 19 March 2011, Fr Francisco

      Audio (mp3)      Handout (pdf)    


      Conference II: Discernment, 19 March 2011, Fr Francisco

      Audio (mp3)


Biomedical Ethics, 15 May 2011, Fr Francisco


Theology on Tap: Relativism, 10 June 2011, Fr Francisco


Eschatology: The End Times, 18 September 2011, Fr Francisco


Why and How the Mass is Changing, 30 October 2011, Fr Francisco


The Humanity of Jesus, 29 January 2012, Fr Francisco

Audio (mp3)     Handout (pdf)


Theology on Tap: Does the Catholic Church Oppose Scientific Progress?

21 March 2012, Fr Francisco


The Mass, 15 July 2012, Fr Francisco

Audio (mp3)     Handout (pdf)


St Thomas Aquinas, 4 Nov 2012, Prof Joe McCoy

Audio (mp3)


The Franciscan Spirituality of the Incarnation

Audio (mp3)  Celano on Greccio Salutation of BVM  Incarnational Faith


The Deacon at Mass, 28 April 2013, Deacon Joe Bell

Audio (mp3)





4:28 is a group of young adult Catholics from throughout the diocese of Reno.  The group meets most Sundays at 1:00 p.m. for prayer, followed by apologetics study, at the Saint Thomas Aquinas Cathedral.

Find out more about 4:28 at their facebook page.